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Core Value: Community

Building interdependence and unity among all of God’s children

Community is a precious gift that requires a commitment to building interdependence and unity among all of God’s children. As you’ll see in the following stories, these communities can stretch across boundaries and borders, across cultures and languages, while providing mutual support and collective dreams for the future. By weaving our lives together with those of international partners, we find new ways to nourish each other’s ministries.

The stories below are written by mission personnel and international partners to highlight this core value.


To Suffer and to Love: A Story from Central America
Carmelo Alvarez

It Takes a Village: A Story from India
Kahala Cannon

Coming Together in Faith to Learn: A Story from South Africa
Scott Couper

Moving Forward Together: A Story from the Philippines
Eleazar Fernandez

Working Together to Save: A Story from Haiti
Diane Fonderlin

Far Away But Not Alone: A Story from Hungary
Szabina Sztojka and Rev. Balázs Ódor


    1. How do we define community? Why?

    2. How does our community care for its members while engaging with those from outside of it?

    3. As people of faith, how is God calling us to expand our understanding of community?